Public Address & Voice Alarm Systems

Best sound system for your facility



Public Address & Voice Alarm Systems Finding the best sound system for your facility is much easier said than done. To find the best Sound systems on the market, we reached out to some of the best audio Systems in the world, from global manufacturers like Honeywell, TOA, and Nuvu.

Public Address System :

A public address system is one that allows a single user or group of users to address a larger public number of people with the use of a microphone (or other audio sources), a mixer, amplifier, and loudspeakers typically in a venue or building.

Voice alarm system :

» (sometimes referred to as a voice evacuation system) is very similar to a public address system but it is installed with the safety of staff or the general public in mind. Voice Alarm is increasingly important in the safe management of buildings. Research has proven that in an emergency people will react without confusion or panic if they receive a clear, intelligible Voice message.

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